one purpose

The Three Musketeers said it best, “All for 1 and 1 for All.” It is our belief that as human beings we are all the same. When we remember our oneness, a beautiful, united front is established and no feat is too great.


Foreigners (Americans included) have traveled and continue to travel to Cambodia to exploit and sexually pervade Cambodian children and young women. We have a social obligation to fight back by taking responsibility and choosing to protect innocence, no matter whose soil it is on.


Together1heart: A New Model Approach:



It takes five minutes to rescue a girl, then what? - Somaly Mam

T1h provisions include:
• Medical/Psychological/Emotional care
• Sisterhood/alternate family/security
• Housing/clothing/food/safety
• Group healing/confidence-building
• Interpersonal relationships/trust-building • Love without conditions

Education and Training:

Every human rights violation begins with a lack of education. - AnnaLynne McCord

T1h provisions include:
• Access to primary/secondary schooling
English/Art/Dance classes
Internship opportunities
Higher education scholarships
• Vocational training/apprenticeships

To enforce, one must first know one’s right.


Even though I now accept me, the world may not. – Survivor’s fear

T1h provisions include:
• Relationship-building tools
• Complete self-acceptance
• Empowerment through education
• Worldwide support through global partners
• Guidance from those who have gone before
• Pay-it-forward practices for continued healing
• Staff-support visits when reintegrating with family
• Open-door policy for alumni survivors

They are the wings, we create the wind.

Sustainability: (Economic Empowerment)

Self-independence marks the final steps towards long-term healing for a survivor to embark upon the path towards creating a new identity and living a life of meaning and purpose.

T1h provisions include:
• Housing assistance
• Start-up costs/micro-loans
• Infrastructure mentoring
• Progress follow-up
• Continued psychological support
• Life-long survivor network