Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 08:00 AM
Skydive Santa Barbara

18 for 18 2017


Project Rescue 18for18 was founded in 2012 when actress & human rights activist, Serinda Swan, traveled to Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand to meet with victims of sex trafficking. What started out as a one time effort to raise $18,000 by skydiving 18,000ft has now brought in over $622,000 and reached over 93 million people with its anti sex trafficking awareness campaign.


This is the first year that Serinda & Project Rescue will be doing a charity ride en route to the jump in Santa Barbara. Once again we are thrilled to be partnering with our long-time supporter Peter Kim, Hudson Jeans Founder and Co-Partner of Powerplant Motorcycles. We will be starting the journey at Powerplant Motorcycles in West Hollywood and riding 150 miles to the skydive in the hopes of helping reach our goal of $150,000. This trip will be part of a short video that we are producing this year in partnership with TV Host / Activist Oliver Trevena who has worked around the world the past 6 years to fight against human trafficking with the organization “Not for Sale” as well as other organizations in the US & India and has also previously jumped with 18 for 18.


This will be the sixth time a group of like minded individuals, friends and influencers will be facing their fears by skydiving 18,000ft (North Americas highest Skydive) to represent the estimated 1.2M women and children that will be sold into sex trafficking this year. We work closely with the top non-profits in this field, donating 100% of what we raise through the jump.


Learn more by watching our video from last year’s skydive:

This year's jump will be benefitting:

Together 1 Heart

New Light Kolkata

Not For Sale

Maiti Nepal



Girls as young as 2yrs old can be sold for as little as $50US and can be forced to service up to 25-30 clients a day 

The average age of the girls sold is 13, and in some countries she may only have a life expectancy of 3 years 

Profits for Sex Slavery Exceed 30 Billion Dollars Per Year 

20% of human sex trafficking consists of children



$1 a day can provide additional nutrition for a sex trafficking survivor with HIV or AIDS 

$10 can provide a month of medicine for an infant below the age of 2yrs 

$25 can provide food and accommodation for a week for a victim of human trafficking with HIV or AIDS 

$150 is enough to cover all the expenses for an outreach team to get to a survivor of human trafficking plus hygiene materials for a month 

$50,000 which can cover an entire year of rescues for one organization



Please contribute to our own AnnaLynne McCord! Her donation page is:



Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), Anna-Lynne McCord (90210), Big Time Rush(Band), Alexa Vega (Nashville), Jimmi Simpson (West World), Josh Henderson (Dallas), Hill Harper (CSI), Ian Bohen (Teen Wolf), Pollyanna McIntosh (The Walking Dead), Colin Ferguson (The Vampire Diaries), Oliver Trevena (Young Hollywood), Sean Marquette (The Goldbergs), Jim Jannard (founder of Oakley), Briana Evigan (Step Up), Michael Voltaggio (Top Chef winner), Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl), and many more.

Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 06:00 PM
Funk Zone: IMPACT HUB in Santa Barbara, CA

Celebrate Freedom Events

Celebrate Freedom Events: Special Guest Speakers
Somaly Mam & AnnaLynne McCord

Slavery and trafficking are global issues, they impact people across the world and even in places where it isn't thought to occur, like here in Santa Barbara. Impact Hubs is hosting special guest speakers to talk about this epidemic of our modern day world. 

Listen to long time activist/author Somaly Mam and activist/actress/model AnnaLynne McCord speak about the plague that scourges humanity. You'll hear first hand accounts of what it's like being a sex slave but you'll also hear about inspiring stories of success and recovery.

The good news is that you can help. Attend the event, speak out against it, share information with people you know and make a donation to help further the cause.

RSVP to Joseph Natale at or pickup free tickets at: Impact Hubs, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co., Hoffmann Brat Haus or Montecito YMCA

Entry into the event is free but donations are greatly appreciated.

A huge thanks goes out to the sponsors of the event:

Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 06:00 PM

Awareness is Power

by Together 1 Heart, Viva Bianca & Sky Brett

The Issue:

Right now, 300,000 Americans under the age of 18 are at risk of exploitation in the sex trade, and an estimated 100,000 children are currently victims of sex trafficking in the United States. The average age of a child who is sex trafficked is 13, and California harbors 3 of the FBI’s 13 highest child sex trafficking areas in the nation: Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

Trafficking often happens slowly, when a child is groomed by someone they come to trust until they are so deep in the relationship that they feel they have no way out. It can happen to anyone’s child, it can happen to your child. Sex trafficking is considered modern day slavery, it's a 42 billion dollar-a-year global industry -- the third most profitable organized crime, behind drugs and arms trade -- it is a national and global epidemic, it is mostly silent, and it is time for it to stop.

What is currently happening to prevent this and how can we help?

There are many incredible organizations in the U.S. doing important work in the anti-sex trafficking space (Polaris Project, CAST, Dream Center). To date, most programs have focused their efforts on rehabilitation, while less resources are geared toward preventing children from falling prey to such a predatory black market.

What is needed now is education around the risks of the sex trade, how children are groomed, and what signs to watch out for. Our work is focused on raising awareness about this mostly taboo, underground issue so that American children don’t fall prey to sex traffickers.

What are we raising money for?

In partnership with international anti sex trafficking nonprofit Together 1 Heart, with the power of storytelling, we can raise awareness across the country about this epidemic. MilkshakeGirls is a short film based on the true story of two teenage cousins in Toledo, Ohio, who were abducted, groomed, and sex trafficked in 2008. (Now safe, they live to tell their nightmarish story.)

With the collaboration of Hollywood creative and production professionals, we want to make this film and donate it to the right communities: the organizations on the front lines working to abolish sex trafficking-- Together 1 Heart, GWEN (Global Women’s Empowerment Network), UN Women, organizations that support foster youth and families, schools, and others. They will be able to use Milkshake Girls as a critical tool for education and raising awareness amongst teens, vulnerable communities, and families in the hope of keeping kids safe.

While there is much to be done in America to abolish modern day slavery and trafficking, this is our first step at making an impact.

Help us bring light to this issue and prevent the trafficking of American children by making a tax-deductible contribution to our project

Hero $10,000 (executive producer)

Angel $5,000 (associate producer)

Dream Maker $2,000

Champion $1,000

Guardian $500

Supporter $250

Ticket $150


Rundown of the night:

6PM Passed Hor's Doeuvres

7pm Dinner and speakers

8pm Enjoy a live performance by Daniel Powter

9pm Dinner concludes