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Slavery is a global issue, and not simply because there are physically enslaved individuals in every country of our world. Seven billion people are touched by slavery, be it with chains, rigid belief systems, cultural customs or simply the repetition of negative aspects of history. We stand together fighting slavery from within our very homes to protect those victimized in brothels, by forced labor and by human-trafficking the world over.


At the core of every issue lies its epicenter... Southeast-Asia holds the highest number of children sold in sexual slavery per capita. Our team fighting this issue in Cambodia has created a mold that we hope to share. By nurturing and supporting their fight, which has proven effective, we are not only healing girls and giving them their lives back, but our team is creating a global display showcasing the steps required to not just survive, but to thrive. We’re creating future world-changers, one child at a time.


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vision: a world where women and girls are safe from slavery


We work to care for and secure the rights of young women and girls who are victims or at risk of being victims of slavery and to successfully recover, educate, train and reintegrate them into mainstream society through financial independence in a sustainable and innovative manner.

We accomplish this by helping and teaching them how to achieve financial independence through sustainable careers.

We then welcome them to become a part of our survivor empowerment network.



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Sponsor a girl for a year



If you know someone or you have been a victim share with us, we are together 1 heart



Be an agent of change in your community

together1heart and AFESIP coming together to create a brighter future.

Together1heart pledge to AFESIP Cambodia to support a business model we truly believe in to further our goal of uniting the globe in the fight to end modern day slavery.

Together1heart represents AFESIP on the global map.

Our tree-top fundraising combined with their grassroots programming allows for widespread awareness and global education on the fight to end modern-day slavery and human-trafficking.

In our deep desire to unite the world against slavery one heart at a time, we know no other program more successful in human-development post trauma than that of AFESIP Cambodia.

We believe that by empowering these inspiring survivors and sharing the business model globally we can create a future network of world changers who turn their trauma and suffering into triumph both personally and collectively.

AnnaLynne McCord


"I joined the fight to end modern-day slavery 8 years ago hoping to rescue those in dire need. At the time, while others would say I was blossoming into a "successful" actress, I was, in fact, deeply unhappy in my private life. Two years ago, I admitted the dark reasons, for my unhappiness in a cosmopolitan magazine tell-all article, describing years of brokenness due to abuse and rape. As it turns out, those I was seeking to save ended up rescuing me. Today, I am proud to say that I'm okay. I am excited to announce that I have taken over as President of together1heart; the newly renamed fiscal sponsor for the ground team working in Cambodia seeking to empower survivors and those vulnerable to human trafficking and sex-slavery with whom I've been working for almost a decade.

It is my aim and our absolute mission to fight this atrocity in an unique fashion which steps beyond 'treating the symptoms.'"

the team

Together1heart is making a statement in the international community. A quiet, yet effective, model in increasing the impact on the lives of young women and girls who are victims, or at risk of being victims of sexual trafficking, violence, abuse, rape, indentured slavery and/or exploitation.

Our 4-Pillars: Recovery, Outreach, Education and Training, and Economic Empowerment have proven successful in this.